M.com Semester 1 Most 20 Important Question for economics for business decisions



Important Question for economics for business decisions

Q.1. Explain the meaning and scope of Business economics.

Q.2. Explain the principle of scarcity.

Q.3. Explain the Profit maximization principle.

Q.4. Explain the concept of Opportunity cost and its link with PPF.

Q.5. Explain the concepts of Accounting profit and economic profit.

Q.6. Explain the concept of market failure and externalities.

Q.7. Explain the problem of merit and demerit goods.

Q.8. Explain the problem of monopolies and deadweight loss.

Q.9. What is demand? Explain the determinants of demand.

Q.10. State and explain the market demand function.

Q.11. Explain the concepts of Snob appeal, bandwagon and Veblen effects.

Q.12. Explain the law of supply and the determinants of supply

Q.13. What is elasticity of supply? Explain the types of Pelasticity of supply.

Q.14. Explain the concept of consumer preference and budget constraint.

Q.15. Explain the concept of consumer optimum with indifference curve.

Q.16. Explain the concept of consumer’s choice is affected by Changes in income

Q.17. Explain the concept of derivation of the demand curve.

Q.18. Write a note on Cobb-Douglas production function.

Q.19. State and explain the properties of Iso-quant curve.

Q.20. Explain the two approaches to derive Optimum Factor Combination.


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