E commerce M.com part 1 sem 2 Important Question Banka

    M.com Part 1 (Semester 2)


Most Important Question Bank for Current Exam

E commerce M.com part 1 sem 2  Important Question Banka

Q.12 Discuss the role of website in B2C e-commerce


B2C e-commerce cannot operate without a website. The website is a must for any business firm that sells online to the customers. The website plays an important role to the online buyers as well as to the online sellers.

In the B2C model, a consumer goes to the website, select a catalogue, orders the catalogue, and an Emil is sent to the business organization. After receiving the order, goods are dispatched to the customers. Following are the key features of the B2C model-

 Heavy advertisement required to attract the customers

 High investment in terms of hardware/software.

 Support or good customer care service.

Consumer Shopping Procedure Following are the steps used in B2C e-commerceA Consumer –

 Determines the requirement

 Searches available items on the website meeting the requirement.

 Compares similar items for price, delivery date or any other terms.

 Places the order.

 Pays the bill.

 Receives the delivered item and review/inspect them.

 Consults the vendor to get after service support or returns the product if not satisfied with the delivered product.

Disintermediation and Re-intermediation: In traditional Commerce, there are intermediating agents like wholesalers, distributors and retailers between the manufacturer and the consumer. In B2C websites, a manufacturer can sell its products directly to potential consumers. This process of removal of business layers responsible for intermediary functions is called disintermediation.

Nowadays, new electronic intermediary breeds such as e-mail and product selection agents are emerging. This process of shifting of business layers responsible for intermediary functions from traditional to electronic medium is called re-intermediation.

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