20 Most Important Question for strategic management M.com Semester 1




Q.1. Explain the concept of Strategic Management. Discuss the process involved in Strategic Management.

Q.2. Write a note on following

Q.3. Benefits of strategic management 

Q.4. Discuss the Corporate Level Strategy with suitable examples.

Q.5. Elaborate Business Level Strategy in detail.

Q.6. functional strategy with regards to Human Resource Strategy

Q.7. Define Business Environment. Explain the Features of Business Environment.

Q.8. Discuss the various macro components of Business Environment.

Q.9. Write a note on Environmental Scanning.

Q.10. What is Strategy Formulation? Explain its importance

Q.11. Write a note on BCG Matrix

Q.12. What are the factors affecting Strategic Choice?

Q.13. What is Strategic Choice? Describe its Importance.

Q.14. Highlight the steps involved in Strategic Implementation.

Q.15. Discuss the importance of Resource Allocation

Q.16. “Strategic Evaluation and Control is Important for an organization”. Explain.

Q.17. Explain Limitations Strategic Evaluation and Control.

Q.18. Discuss the Advantages and Limitations of Budgetary Control.

Q.19. Explain the concept of Corporate Restructuring Strategy and its need.

Q.20. Highlight the types of Strategic Alliance.

Q.20. Elucidate importance of Strategic Alliance.


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