12th class organisation of commerce and management important questions Bank


12th class organisation of commerce and management important questions Bank

Q.1                          Distinguish between:    

                1)             Organizing and staffing

                2)             Co-ordinating and controlling    

                3)             Planning and Controlling             

                4)             Organising and Directing             

                5)             E-business and E-commerce      

                6)             Life Insurance and Fire Insurance             

                7)             Savings Account and Current Account   

                8)             Current Account and Fixed Deposit Account       

                9)             Traditional business and E-business.      

                10)          Planning and organizing              


Q.2                          Answer the following:  

                1)             Explain 14 principles of Henry Fayol in detail.     

                2)             Define the term planning and explain the importance of planning.            

                3)             What is organizing? Explain the importance of organizing.            

                4)             Define the term controlling and explain the importance of controlling.    

                5)             Define entrepreneur. Explain characteristics of entrepreneur.      

                6)             Define entrepreneur. Explain its functions.          

                7)             Define bank. Explain. Different types of banks.  

                8)             Explain the steps involved in online transaction.

                9)             What is outsourcing? Explain advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing.        

                10)          Define concept of social responsibility and what is the need for social                                                         responsibility.        

                11)          What are the responsibilities of business towards investors and government.?    

                12)          Who is consumer? Explain the rights of the consumers.

                13)          Explain the ways and means of Consumer Protection.    

                14)          Define Marketing and explain in detail the concepts of marketing.            

                15)          Explain in detail 7Ps of Marketing.           

                16)          Explain importance of marketing to the society and consumers.

                17)          Explain the functions of marketing in detail.        

                18)          What is warehouse? Explain its different functions.         

                19)          What is insurance ? Explain principles of insurance.         

                20)          What do you mean by staffing? Describe the importance of staffing.       

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